Nothing is impossible with God.


I’m typing this out right after presenting my term paper to the lecturer and you have NO idea how happy I am because I am finally freakin’ done with this subject! Ok, there is still finals for me to sit in about 3 weeks time but still, I’m freeeeeeeeeeee!!

The journey of writing and presenting the term paper was beyond hell because first, it is one of the most difficult subjects and second, the lecturer is STRICT.

Before presenting the term paper, my partner and I were damn nervous. Based on our friends’ experience who presented one/two days earlier, we could already tell that our lecturer would definitely criticize us (because our work was not complete and there’s nothing that can be done). Even our friends agreed (yeap, that’s how bad it was- stupid printer) and hence, they shared their tips and wished us good luck.

The night before the presentation was tough. I prayed and prayed to God that he would take my nervousness away and I asked for strength so that I’ll be able to handle the comments given by her. I rehearsed over and over again till I could not speak anymore. On the day of the presentation (today), surprisingly, I felt fine. Okay, the nervousness was still there but it was so little that it was weird. I continued to pray to God to guide my partner and I throughout the presentation.

And guess what? It was better than I expected! Yes, she did pinpoint certain things while we were presenting but overall, I think it was great! She even said that she likes our discussion of the term paper and that’s all that I need to hear! Hallelujah!! Also, it was very kind of her for giving us the chance to add the required things to our term paper right after presenting.

Thank you, Lord for listening to my prayers. With you, everything is possible!  And thank you to all my friends who helped us along the way. Thank you for the advices, tips, support and the encouragement<3

Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

Here is a photo of today’s presenters:)


Love, me.




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