Failure=Try Harder


Failure –  the fact of not doing something that you must do or are expected to do.

Do you know how does it feel like to work really hard on something till you shed tears, sweat and blood but in the end,…it’s just not meant to be? I have just recovered from my so called “depression” due to..uni stuff.

Sad. Upset. Depressed. Stressed. Embarrassed. Ashamed. These were literally the only feelings I had and felt the other day. The word ‘failure’ kept popping in my head. The fear of criticism was too overpowering that I felt like dying. You may think that it’s not a matter of life and death so what’s the point of crying and whining?…I have to agree to that but at times, you just can’t help it. I can’t help it.

One piece of advice given by someone made me better, well, not instantly(To that someone, if you’re reading this, FYI I do take your advice seriously lol). It goes something along this line, ” If you can’t change something, just try harder the next time”.

True, it is not the end of the world and that means I still have countless of chances and opportunities  out there  so why worry? Fear of being criticized? Just suck it up! Accept all the criticism with an open heart and hold a grudge against  I mean, deal with em’ positively! I know I can use the criticism to either  improve myself like so damn high  or kill my self-esteem and get buried 6 feet underground.

So guys, if you fail and you feel like dying, please go and eat all the junks that you can find, cry, sleep and the next morning, tell yourself to try harder!

Love, me.



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