She Saw Me Glowing.


Hey there! I just want to share what my roommate experienced (because I need a break from studying) which happened quite some time ago. And, I don’t know whether this is scary or vice versa, but to her, it was.

One night, it was dark (duh) and we were already sleeping soundly in our hostel room. Suddenly, her phone alarm rang (she set her alarm guys haha). Of course, that woke her up and as she was going to turn it off, she saw me…lying in bed….straight as a log..BUT…she claimed that I was glowing. GLOWING. According to her, my whole body was glowing as if that I was wearing a very bright neon white outfit on that night. Due to that, she got scared and hid under the blanket (she left the alarm ringing! haha) and of course, she had to confirm what she was seeing. So she took a peek from her bed and yes, apparently, I was still glowing!

So guys, what do you think? Do you think it’s something bad? Something that I should be afraid of? Or perhaps there is a scientific explanation for it? I personally would like to believe that an angel was visiting that night and she got tired of watching me so God gave her his permission to get some Zzzzs with me:) Yeap, being optimistic here because I’m sleeping alone tonight. Roomie is out at her S.O for the night.

What’s your take on this? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Love, me.


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