Life of a Uni Student


Being a university student is fun. However, no doubt, it can be hell at times. Wait. Correction. It can be hell MOST of the time! I’m here, sitting on my bed, wrapped up in my blanket, typing this because I just need a break from all these assignments. 2 term papers due next week, a 1500 words essay on the week after that, a test this coming Friday and last but not least, 2 presentations that must …be…presented? LOL on the same week BTW

You know, I wish I had the power to stop time and what would I do when that really happens? I would SLEEP (The BEST time of the day), watch countless of videos on Youtube, work out (YES! I WOULD) and the list goes on and on. But, come on, be realistic *slaps self* Right now, I have to endure this because THIS is the life of a uni student (duh). This life is NO bed of roses (make that cheesy wedges, not roses). To be honest, I personally look up to those who can go through this while still being idk, socially active?  I know people who are VERY active in lots of things AND they still ACE the subjects they’re taking. I mean, how is that possible? Lady, nothing is impossible. Well, I’ve just answered my own question guys. wth

Gonna continue with my assignments. Or should I get myself a McChicken set first? Nah.

Love, me.


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